In the event of an emergency closing, please listen to Radio Station WBEN 930 on the AM dial or WYRK 106.5 on the FM dial for information regarding our Center. We will make every attempt to operate when possible.


Hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A late pick-up charge (after 6:00 PM) of $1.00 for every minute, per child will be applied and is due upon pick up of your child. This fee is to cover the cost of the Staff Members who are required to stay after hours for late pick up and is to be paid directly to these Staff Members. The Director will confer with parents/guardians to determine specific times a parent/guardian will drop off and pick-up their child. It is our responsibility to contact Child Protective Services should any child be left at the Center after 6:00 PM without prior notification from the parent/guardian.

* Please accompany your child into the Center through the front entrance into the care of a Staff Member.

* When leaving, be sure a Staff Member acknowledges your leaving. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD GO UNATTENDED INTO THE HALLWAY OR OUTSIDE!

* If you are going to be late for any reason, please notify the Center immediately, so we can reassure your child.

* If anyone other than yourself is to pick up your child, please notify the Center verbally or in writing to ensure the safety of your child. We can only release your child to an adult who has been pre-designated on the Child Release Authorization Form. If we are not familiar with the person picking up your child, we will also require a picture ID before your child will be released to that person.


All immunizations must be up-to-date and kept updated thereafter. Each child is required to have a complete periodic medical examination and appraisal of the child's development. Please make sure to submit a copy of all updated immunizations and medical information.


Please provide simple clothing that is comfortable and free of complicated fasteners. Also, provide a change of clothing in case of any messy spills or toilet accidents.

Children must always wear sneakers or sturdy shoes that are appropriate for play.

Please, also remember that we try to go outside everyday, so please dress your child appropriately for the weather. (And please label all outer clothing.)

Please send in a blanket for nap time only, if necessary.

Please do not send toys from the home unless authorized by the teacher. It is difficult for children to share their favorite toys at this age. Only on "show & tell" days should items from home be brought to the Center.


Parents are expected to provide:
*Prepared formula bottles with child's name on each bottle
* Baby food with child's initials and date on it (all open jars must go home each day)
PLEASE NOTE: That parents need to supply any food that is not table food. Once your child is on table food, please check the center menu for meals.
* Several changes of labeled clothing
*Disposable diapers
* Wipes
* Ointments and powder
* Special toy
* Pacifier, if used
* Blanket
* Hat for outdoor time
* A written schedule of the infant's day - naptime, eating time and other special notes.

We support and encourage mothers who breast feed. We have an area in the infants' room if the mother wishes to come and nurse during the day.


Parents are expected to provide:
* Disposable diapers
* Wipes
* Several changes of labeled clothing
* Ointments and powder
* Pacifier, if used


The Center provides well-balanced meals and snacks that have been approved by a licensed nutritionist.* Breakfast and lunch menus are planned on a monthly basis. Menus will be sent home, as well as posted on the bulletin board. Teachers are encouraged to sit and eat with the children in order to provide positing modeling and encourage appropriate conversation. The children are encouraged to at least taste each item served for lunch. No child will ever be forced to eat nor will they ever be punished for not eating well. Taking away food and snack as a form of discipline is never allowed. Parents are encouraged to provide snacks for the classroom if they desire-especially for holiday and birthday parties.

* If your child has any dietary needs, please advise us.

Birthdays will be celebrated during afternoon snack time. Please advise the Teacher two days prior to your child's special day.

Due to State Regulations, only store bought treats may be brought to the Center.


Transportation to and from the Center must be provided by the parents/guardians.

If field trips are planned, we will ask for volunteer parents/guardians to drive or we will hire bus transportation. Although we realize it may be difficult with work schedules, we welcome and encourage parent/guardian volunteers on all trips. Some field trips will require a fee. We will need a signed permission slip prior to each trip in order for your child to attend and to transport your child to and from field trips.


A two-week written notice is required if you withdraw from the Center or you will forfeit your tuition deposit.


Please refrain from smoking inside the building.


The Adult/Child ratio is as follows:

6 weeks to 18 months 1:4

18 months to 36 months 1:5

3 years 1:7

4 years 1:8

5 years 1:9

6 years to 10 years 1:10

10 years to 12 years 1:15


Children must be between 6 weeks and 12 years of age.

Groupings are based on the child's age as of September 1st of each year. Groupings are flexible.

School is open to all children regardless of race, nationality, creed, color or religion.

Our Center is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The Center is closed on the following days:

New Years Day Independence Day Day after Thanksgiving
Good Friday Labor Day Christmas Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day Day after Christmas
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The Center is licensed by the State of New York Department of Social Services. The license is posted in the entrance hall and indicates the number of children authorized for each age group.

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